Buck Bowen | EPK 2019

Buck Bowen is a freethinking, motivational MC with a lyrical appetite for self-reflection and personal development. He believes in mental fitness through music. That if you think better, you live better. Since April, 2017, he has released one song and video every Monday, and has released a book about it called oneAweek – Behind the Music


His music has been described as an eclectic blend of minimalistic melodies and hypomanic themes. While one track gives you an energetic roundhouse kick of inspiration. The next is a cathartic dim light cast upon the shadows of the human experience.


An entertainer at heart who aims to inform and inspire, Buck hits the stage equipped with catchy choruses, vibrant storytelling, and a splash of dry wit.


He has shared the stage with authors, magicians, comedians, and notable Hip-Hop acts such as Tech Nine, Brother Ali, Eyedea & Abilities, and The Pharcyde.

Praise for Buck Bowen:

“Buck's effort to spread reason and rationality through music is exactly what we need now and he’s the person to do it!”

— Peter Boghossian, Author, activist, and philosophy instructor 

“Buck has a lovable personality, hip music style, and I can highly recommend him for any event in need of an inspirational and educational entertainer!” — Margaret Downey, Freethought Society Founder, activist, and educator 

“Buck Bowen brings brains and class to Hip Hop, plus a sharp rational mind. Check him out for some clever lyrics and really nice flows.”

— Baba Brinkman, Canadian playwright and rapper 

“Buck is a passionate, dedicated and intelligent performer.” — Shelley Segal, singer, songwriter, activist 

“Bowen has a smooth, melodic style and polished sound that one would expect from any top Hip Hop act, but with smart, conscious lyrics that ‘buck the system’ in the best way. Yes, pun intended.” — Ian Harris, Stand-up comedian, writer, and skeptic