What is Reality Check?

Reality Check contains a combination of critical thinking and self-development. It is musical medication, ingested aurally, that is used to treat self-limiting beliefs and encourage skeptical inquiry.

Important Information:

You should not listen to Reality Check if you are closed-minded, pessimistic, afraid to ask questions, and/or lack control of your emotions.

Common Reality Check Side Effects Include:

• Sudden bouts of inspiration

• Increased curiosity

• Waggish amusement

• Reflective thought

Ask Yourself If Reality Check Is Right For You and Try a Sample Today!

Truth Before Comfort is a sort of Sunday-School-in-reverse concept album that challenges one’s most cherished beliefs, emphasizes critical thinking, and addresses such questions as, could the teachings of Jesus be improved? Are the Ten Commandments all they’ve been cracked up to be? And what exactly is the soul?
How can an album that doesn’t glorify drugs, violence, objectify women, or contain a single curse word be so controversial?
Listen and discover for yourself!